Romijn Pipes and Tampers,

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Currently available:



Petrified wood/granite pipestand

Material: Petrified wood and granite

Price: EUR 160,-

Availability: Available


Nestos marble pipestand

Material: Nestos marble

Price: EUR 325,-

Availability: Available


Petrified wood pipestand

Material: petrified wood

Availability: Sold


Fossil Jura pipestand

Material: Jura

Price: € 135,- Euro

Availability: available



Bardiglio tamper

Material: Bardiglio marble

Price: € 75,- (euro)

Availability: Available


Fossil Tamper and stand 3

Material: Belgian Blue stand & tamper

Price: € 60,- (euro)

Availability: Available


How to reach me

If you have any questions or remarks, or if you’d like to buy a tamper, please contact me via email. My email address is

Payment and shipping

The prices as listed on this web site are in euros. For your convenience, you might want to calculate the corresponding prices in your own currency using a currency converter. However, shipping costs may vary. Please contact me before you transfer any money. I accept payments by PayPal, but I am willing to discuss about other payment methods.

Return Policy

My tampers are made from stone, a material provided my Mother Nature. For this reason, the material might not be entirely smooth or it might even contain areas that appear damaged. I will certainly not sell any tamper that is expected to develop serious deficiencies. However, if you think something is wrong with the tamper, you can return it. Your payment will be refunded, unless it turns out that the problem reported is not related to the material or to the design. Therefore, you might want to contact me before returning your purchase.
Please note that the material can be damaged by improper use. Therefore, treat your tamper as you would treat your pipe.