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My name is Martin Romijn, I live in the Netherlands, in a small city on the banks of the Linge river.

I am a stonecutter by trade, in my daytime job I make all kind of products out of stone, like kitchen worktops, bathrooms, fireplaces, architectural and designer stonework. I started smoking pipes at the age of 20 (in 1989). Later, when pipe smoking got more serious I started collecting pipes and searched for information about pipe smoking etcetra, on the internet. I became a member of a newsgroup (A.S.P.) and learned, amongst other things, the concept of tampers. I decided to try and make some tampers on my own out of stone. As the reactions on my first designs were amazingly enthusiastic, I started to put some of them for sale on a web site. Later I started making stone pipe-stands and ashtrays too.

I work with al kinds of natural stone, marble, granite and even petrified wood and fossils. In 2016 I gave pipe-making a try…. I started with pre-drilled briar blocks and it worked out quite nice. I got really enthusiastic and even more when my parents surprised me with an awesome gift: a wood lathe.
So, pipe-making became quite serious, I spent many hours at the lathe, talked to other pipe makers and learned myself the skills needed to make pipes. The results can be found here at my website. I hope you enjoy browsing here as much as I did creating my products.

All my products are handmade, made with care, love and passion.

Best regards,

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