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Romijn Holland - Pipes, tampers, ashtrays and more.
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 by Naud Kuypers
Perfect straight pipe

Yesterday a perfect straight pipe by Martin Romijn arrived at me house. The lining and flame are perfect, straight grane. With it’s beautiful mouthpiece and sublime drilling is has a smouth and dilightful draught. It really is a beauty. The service of Martin is like you only find with true Gentleman. I can recomand a pipe by Martin Romijn for all your relax moment. A happy pipesmoker from the south of The Netherlands.

Thank you Naud! Enjoy your pipe!!

 by Peter de Man

What can I say? My green pipe and I, love at first sight...

A shared history in the Marines made Martin and me Brothers in Arms. I followed and admired his stonecarving skills, he did my inlaws honor by creating their headstone. When he started his "hobby" piperestoration, he did that as passionated as could be. When he started creating his own brand of pipes, a star was born! Please continue!

Thanks Peter! QPO

 by Yorrick
Swamp gem

Swamp gem

Ik heb deze pijp nu een maand of 4 en merk dat het één van mijn meest favoriete pijpen is geworden.

Hij blijft koel met roken, ligt comfortabel in de hand en ook tijdens het in de mond klemmen, voelt de pijp niet zwaar aan.

De afwerking is super.

Een pijp van Martin uniek en van hoogwaardige kwaliteit, je 'proeft' dat de pijp met liefde en passie is gemaakt.

Ik vond het ook leuk om de pijp persoonlijk op te halen bij Martin en het 'verhaal' erachter te horen.

In de toekomst zullen er zeker nog wel meer van deze bijzondere pijpen van Martin aan mijn collectie worden toegevoegd.

Een absolute aanrader!

Met vriendelijke groet

Yorrick van Kuijen-Hendriksen

Dank je Yorrick, geniet van de pijp!!!

 by Jeff Neisler
Plump Strawberry

This is my 2nd pipe purchased from Martin. Having been a big fan of his tamper work & the fact that he was a genuine gentleman to do business with I purchased the first pipe he offered for sale. I was very impressed with his pipe making skills from the start, but having purchased my 2nd of his pipes, the plump strawberry, I was truly blown away by how his skills had advanced. I would put this pipe on a level with any of the best carvers work I've owned. His refinements to the engineering by opening up the airway more & his stem making providing for an even thinner more comfortable stem. I've had this pipe in my rotation now for some time with 3 of my top favorite US carvers (Brian Ruthenberg, Jack Howell & Rad Davis) & I can attest to the fact that it easily can hold it's own against the best in my opinion. The hand feel & smoking quality of this pipe, along with a very comfortable acrylic stem have moved it into the upper echelon of my collection. Quite impressive work!

Thank you very much Jeff!!

 by Silas Trafford
Above all others

Difficult to know where to start. Pipes are a simple hobby and I’ve enjoyed it for a short time now. However I was in the market for a new pipe, a quality one. Peterson’s are cool, but all are the same. Other brands are nice as well, but made by machines, or very impersonal in their business dealings.

It’s at that point where Martins pipes stood out to me. Not only were his pipes aesthetically pleasing in every way, but I was eager to discover if the aestheticism was a reflection of its performance. WHAT A DISCOVERY. I don’t know how else to put this but why would you buy any other pipe? All of Martins pipes are ONE OF A KIND. He works his heart and soul into each of these! Precision in every step. My pipe has become my favourite and out paces all my others by miles. Smokes cool (thick walls, generous chamber), Ergonomic and comfortable in my hand, perfect mouthpiece and light so clenching is too easy, and truly durable in quality. This review does not encapsulate everything. Romijn pipes are cheaper than most high ends, with triple the value. I can’t go back to anything else. DONT THINK TWICE BUY ONE OF HIS PIECES (his tampers are artwork and practical in usage, an absolute treat that compliments his pipes as well)

 by Pim
Pracht pijp

Prachtige mooie pijp van een bijzonder vriendelijke man.

 by Areen
First Freehand Craftsmanship

This is my First Freehand Craftsmanship. A marvelous work by Martin Romijn. It a Chubby pipe with thick walled Tobacco chamber and a nice Masur Birch extension. Today i received it and smoke it. Its a beauty when you hold it on your hand. A really nice work, nice shape with nice finish.

The pipe smoke very cool and the heat not come to your palm even if you smoke fast with a Virginia in the bowl.

Absolutely well done Marin, i shall come back for more of your work in the future, thanks for now.

Warm Regards,


 by Rens Zwanenburg
Romijn Freehand

Ik was al een tijdje op zoek naar een nieuwe pijp. Gezocht op internet maar kwam niets tegen waarvan ik gelijk dacht, dat is hem. Als ik al iets vond, was de prijs wat aan de hoge kant.

Toen ik op de Facebook site van het pijprokersforum deze pijp tegen kwam, was ik gelijk verkocht. Ik geef toe, moest even een weekend over de prijs nadenken, maar als ik naar fabrieks pijpen keek die ik mooi vond was de prijs ongeveer gelijk.

En wat is er dan mooier dan een unieke pijp te kunnen kopen waar er maar één in de wereld van bestaat i.p.v. honderden of duizenden?

Aangezien ik sinds kort in Duitsland woon, is het altijd maar weer afwachten hoe lang het duurt voor iets hier is. Maar gelukkig werd mijn geduld al na 2 dagen beloont. De pijp was keurig verpakt en was in het echt net zo mooi als op de foto’s die ik ervan gezien had. Geweldig hout, en ligt goed in de hand. Aangezien ik nog niet zo lang pijp rook en pas 2 pijpen ingerookt had, was het toch weer een spannend moment om daar mee te beginnen. En vanaf de eerste keer was ik tevreden. De pijp was gemakkelijk aan te steken en is ook voor een beginnende pijproker als ik gemakkelijk te roken.

Heb hem nu een week of 3, en heb nog geen seconde spijt gehad van mijn aankoop. Zeker het overdenken waard , als je op zoek bent om jezelf te verwennen, om een pijp van Martin aan te schaffen.

Nogmaals bedankt Martin.

Een zeer tevreden pijp roker.

 by Henry B.
Bamboo dublin

I bought the Dublin bamboo from Martin because i liked the shape and style as shown in the pictures . The pipe was as good and stylish and proffesionally made as the picture. I’ve smoked it for About 20 times now and i can only say is smokes as good as it looks.

I am very happy. The only reason for giving it 4 stars is the fact that its a light and elegant pipe and the bowl is not as thick as some of my other pipes. So i have to smoke it somewhat more gentle than i’m used to. Again its not the pipe its me.

All in all a very good pipe for a very good price.

 by Elmer
My Cherry Wood pipe

I bought from Martin a Cherry Wood smoker. What a beautiful pipe it is. The pipe is not only good looking, it smokes very well too. As easy as a cigar, tobacco in the kettle, fire it and smoke it till the bottom. Excellent work Martin, excellent work indeed. Further more the shipping went smooth, after payment the box arrived a few days later, perfectly sealed and wrapped in protective foam. I am proud to be a Martin Romijn pipe owner. Keep up the good works!,


Thanks Elmer!!

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